How I Dropped My Alexa Score to 300,000 Even Without Blogging For Over 6 Weeks

I’ve been busy over the last few months, not busy blogging about home based income, but just busy with life…

Cross-country road trips to visit with family and check on investment properties (Alabama to Lake Tahoe and back),
Attending my brother’s bachelor party and wedding in San Diego (flight to San Diego then driving to Lake Tahoe and back),
Shorter 6 hour drives south to the beach on the gulf coast for a weekend or two and to celebrate my cousin graduating flight school,
Spending quality time entertaining family from England visiting for a few weeks before Easter, (More recently recovering from a terrible series of tornadoes that wreaked havoc in my local area disrupting the supply of electricity and life in general for a week)…
It seemed like one thing after another, whether planned or unexpected, life just happened… Can you relate?

Of course, I had only decided to start my blogging adventure towards the end of last year as a way of connecting with others and sharing my experiences and passions. I started two blogs in fact, one blog on creating wealth and a second more specific to creating a home based income or residual income business.

It took a little while to learn WordPress and the basic ins and outs of blogging, but by early 2011 I had finally begun regularly posting at least one new blog post per day, every single day. From those early efforts, I saw my traffic increase, my Alexa ranking begin to fall and finally get under 1,000,000 blogreloaded (I thought it would never happen it took so long) as the leads began to trickle in. I was being very consistent and focused on getting out at least 1 quality blog post per day for just over a month.

But then, by mid-March, my blogging began to slip. Not the quality of my posts, but the quantity. In one week I went from posting every day to just two the entire week and then… to zero.

That’s right. This is the first new blog post I have created and posted since mid-March….yet my blog traffic, number of leads and Alexa ranking still continue to improve, even today! (Update: I did manage to create 3 blog posts for my other blog in the last week, bringing my Alexa ranking down even lower to under 285,000)

Is it magic? Is that the just the power of internet marketing?

Yes and No.

You see, I looked ahead in March after several of the aforementioned trips where I found it difficult to continue my regular blogging regimen. I desperately wanted to get in 100 of my posts as articles to to complete the 100 articles in 100 days challenge – just one of the goals I had set for myself with my creating wealth blog and home based income blog. I knew I would likely be in areas that may not have internet access and I wanted to spend some quality time with family, among other things.

So what did I do?

I decided to conduct an experiment, a test. I wanted to see if I could leverage all the work I had done prior to this point – some 75 or so posts in total – and see if my blog and all the hard work and time I had put into it would disappear if I stopped blogging or if I could actually sustain what I had without blogging for a few weeks (I really hoped it would be the latter!).

But I also wanted to find out if it was simply my new content I was creating each day that was bringing me new traffic and increased rankings or simply the overall content I had created and the length of time it was out there.

Now before you believe that you can just blog for a month or two and then stop blogging altogether and continue to see results (or in my case see continued growth and results), understand that I didn’t just leave it all up to chance.

Quite the contrary – I had a plan.

In my research I had discovered a few little tricks or secrets that I’m going to share with you that will help you increase your results, improve your rankings, bring more social interaction to your blog – including quality comments – as well as to generate even more leads – regardless of how often you blog (though you will get the best results with a higher frequency of quality blog posts, of course!) semi-automatically and in some cases, completely automatically.

Sound too good to be true?

First of all, realize that what I’m about to reveal to you only worked for me because I took the time to learn how to setup a quality blog and to create quality content – not just stuff I copied from others or short posts that I didn’t really give much thought to (most of my posts are over 1000 words and as many as 3000 words – there’s definitely some quality “thought” put into them!).

I am able to use these automation tools and tricks because of the quality content I had already previously created.

Step 1:

The first thing I did was setup a twitter account strictly as a way to generate leads (and later communicate with and interact with my followers, once I developed a large list of followers to connect with). I followed a great twitter training that showed me some killer strategies for setting up twitter, like how to automate the addition of new followers and how to automatically direct them to my Facebook page where they could connect with me further, improving my conversion ratios further.

Once I had my twitter account setup (and Facebook properly setup), I then let my interconnected preservation-automation strategy do it’s thing. By incorporating two key yet very simple WordPress plugins for my blog, I was able to essentially post “new” blog posts to the front page of my blog automatically on a daily basis as well as syndicate these blog posts on Facebook and twitter also automatically, using another key, but very easy to setup, plugin.

My twitter account was setup so that every couple of hours a new tweet would go up, promoting one of my articles, posts or videos automatically without me having to push a button which allowed me to build my twitter following to nearly 1,000 followers from just a handful in a matter of a month or two. Again, that’s without any manual promotion or any time spent at all on twitter, just people following me because of the tweets promoting my content that were automatically sent out.

These two free plugins enabled me to virtually automate the majority of the work for all three of these key internet marketing resources.

The next step in my strategy was to look for ways to leverage my content socially. The more people I could get my content in front of socially, the more people I’d ultimately expose my content to.

If you consider the average person on Facebook has maybe 300 or so friends, how large a network do you think the average networker online would have access to? Think about not only Facebook but twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz, MySpace, etc, etc.

If you can imagine getting just 10 people a week to syndicate (ie, share) your content with 500 of their Facebook friends, 500 of their twitter followers, etc, etc, that’s potentially tens and even hundreds of thousands of people you have access to in addition to the general marketplace where you normally do your marketing. That’s a huge and generally more loyal market, especially if you can one of these ten people to make a personal recommendation about your content to their following – that’s huge!

This is not really a new concept but it’s something I really only looked into just a few months ago. What I found was a great small but powerful community of some 150-200 active syndicators all happily sharing each others’ blog posts each week – one heck of a network I had to plug into.

Now, while I wasn’t actively blogging during this period of time, I was still spending time online checking my blogs, replying to comments, and interacting with people to build my business. The one “catch” if you will about this network or “tribe” that I had come across was not a monetary cost (as there is no monthly fee to participate in the group to receive the benefits), it was one of reciprocation: these 150-200 people would gladly syndicate my content to their networks and leave quality, thought-provoking comments on my blog if I would do the same for them (so there definitely is work involved in that, but the payoff and rewards are worth it!).

One of the last pieces of the puzzle – and there are many but these three are the most powerful, simple and easy – was to connect with another syndication group to get my content out to an even larger audience without having to actively syndicate others’ content, meaning virtually no time spent on this promotional/syndication activity.

Yes, this second syndication group I became an active (passive though really, you’ll see what I mean in a minute!) member of allows me to automatically syndicate my blog posts and content as I automatically syndicate others’ content at the same time – another great system that was brought me a lot more exposure and lot more traffic!

So why would I continue to manually syndicate others’ content with the first syndication tribe when the second one just mentioned syndicates my creating wealth and home based income blogs automatically?

Two reasons.

Reason #1: The first syndication group mentioned consists of a core group of motivated and very loyal marketers all genuinely interested in each other’s success. But above that, the standards to be a part of that group are very high which produces some incredibly great comments on my blog each week which only further builds my brand but encourages new visitors to engage in the conversation.

Reason #2: The second syndication blog requires a monthly fee in order to automatically syndicate your content from your blog to the rest of their community. There is a free version where you can manually syndicate others content to enable you to post your content but if you’re going that route, I’d suggest you just join the first tribe as your manual efforts will likely yield more fruit that way.

I am always conscious of the free marketing options because a new marketer just starting out may have spent their life savings just to get into business for themselves or may be living paycheck to paycheck and has more time than money. Therefore a tribe is a great way for them to leverage their efforts by spending their time to manually syndicate others’ content (we’re only talking maybe 15 min to an hour a day for great syndication results, depending on the person).

So, using these two awesome plugins in combination with my DoFollow blog and these two special syndication tribes, my blog was able to drop down to better than the 300,000th most popular website on the planet today – all without blogging over a period of almost two months.

Can you imagine what my results will be – the increased traffic, ranking and leads I’ll be able to generate – when I get back to regularly blogging again – with these same strategies still in place?

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