Writing a Profile Page For an Article Directory Site? Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

In addition to providing a space for an author resource box they will display with your article, many article your trusted directory directory websites such as EzineArticles and Coach Spotlight also give their visitors the opportunity to read a more detailed profile of each author.

Here are five mistakes you will want to avoid so that you can really shine in this spotlight:

Mistake #5: Too much, too soon

What does the reader need to know about you to feel confident enough to take the next step (which ideally is to visit your website and sign up for your pink spoon)? Tell them this much, and then stop! Don’t feel that you have to use your full word count to describe your coaching process or your service options. Just show them that you have the training, experience and/or knowledge to help them solve their particular problem.

Mistake #4: Too polite

Are you worried it will seem rude or pushy to ask your reader to take an action or visit your website? On the contrary. If you don’t tell them about what you have available, how can you help them? And since your motive is to help, not to sell (isn’t it?), how can that be rude? It’s actually the kindest thing you could do. Since you sometimes can’t put an actual link into your profile text, just invite the person to visit your website. They will find the link displayed elsewhere in your profile.

Mistake #3: Too formal

People want to do business with those they know, like and trust. If you use formal language in your profile you put a gap between you and your reader and it is harder for them to feel a connection with you.

Mistake #2: Too generic

Be sure to include specific details about what you do and how you help people. Just don’t go too far here and use jargon words that are so specific to your area of expertise that someone who is new to it – like the reader who needs your help – will not understand the terminology.

And the #1 Mistake: Too careless

If your profile – or any of your writing – contains errors in spelling, spacing, punctuation or grammar, it is a poor reflection on you as a professional. Your readers are going to assume that how you do anything is how you do everything. If you don’t take the care to review your profile for errors, how can a prospective client trust that you will take care of them? It is not about being perfect (I always appreciate the readers who point out the occasional typos in my own work), it is about investing in the quality of your writing.

So make the most of your article directory profile – it is the beginning of what could be a long-term relationship with a new reader and potential client.



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