Douglas Edwards as network news television anchor.

A local of Oklahoma, Edwards experienced childhood in Birmingham, Alabama.[1] Edwards joined CBS Radio in 1942, at last turning out to be anchor for the ordinary night report The World Today just as World News Today on Sunday evenings. Edwards came to CBS, after spells as an anchorperson and commentator at WSB in Atlanta, Georgia and WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan.

During the 1940s, Edwards was host of the radio program Behind the Scenes at CBS. jimnews

As broadcaster of Douglas Edwards With the News (The CBS Evening News)

In 1946, as CBS’s top reporters and analysts evaded the youngster vehicle of TV, Edwards was picked to introduce normal CBS TV news programs and to have CBS’s TV inclusion of the 1948 Democratic and Republican shows. The expression “anchor” was not utilized until 1952, when CBS News boss Sig Mickelson utilized it to depict Walter Cronkite’s function in the organization’s political show inclusion.

From the outset, Edwards was overshadowed by John Cameron Swayze of NBC News’ Camel News Caravan, however he at last recovered his evaluations lead. By the mid-1950s, the daily 15-minute report Douglas Edwards with the News was viewed by almost 30 million watchers.

Among the occasions Edwards canvassed as a journalist in those years were the Miss America Pageant (multiple times), the endeavored death of Harry S. Truman in November 1950, and the crowning ordinance of Elizabeth II in June 1953. He likewise got wide commendation for his inclusion, on both camera and radio, of the sinking of the SS Andrea Doria in July 1956. Be that as it may, before the decade’s over, viewership levels for the Edwards broadcast debilitated seriously as the Huntley-Brinkley Report started to draw in a bigger audience.[3]

Edwards’ keep going report on the nightly news was on April 13, 1962. On April 16, 1962, Edwards was supplanted by Walter Cronkite, and the program became Walter Cronkite with the News. On September 2, 1963, the program was retitled CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite and turned into the primary half-hour weeknight news broadcast of organization TV and was moved to 6:30 p.m. .

For quite a while, both during his time as organization anchor and in the wake of leaving the CBS anchor seat, Edwards moored the nearby late news group on WCBS-TV, station 2, the organization’s lead TV channel in New York City.

Re-visitation of CBS Radio Network

Edwards in this way moved back to CBS Radio, where he conveyed the organization’s leader evening reports The World Tonight for a long time. Until his retirement on April 1, 1988, he kept up an every day late morning function inside CBS TV news, mooring a five-minute newsbreak referred to progressively as CBS Afternoon News with Douglas Edwards (April 1962 – Feb. 1968), The CBS Midday News with Douglas Edwards (Feb. 1968 – April 20, 1979) at 11:55 am Eastern time and The CBS Mid-Morning News with Douglas Edwards (April 23, 1979 – May 30, 1980) at 10:55 am Eastern.[4] He likewise served, for a period, as a co-anchor of the CBS Morning News. His last radio broadcast incorporated a report of the passing of artist Andy Gibb.[4]

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