Simple Marketing Plan – Your 3 Step Success

In every business transaction that you have encountered there has to be a simple marketing plan at the beginning. If there was no sense of simplicity, everyone would need to study for years and years before getting the right formula for marketing.

The same applies whether it would be your offline or online marketing plans. Your challenge is to develop a simple marketing plan. Who on earth would want to wade through hundreds of pages on a marketing plan just to start marketing, right? Precisely.

Step #1: Defining Your Simple Marketing Plan

What is your simple marketing plan? Where should you start? Your question is like a chicken and egg concept. It can start on either ends. A rather easy way to do this is to take out a pen and paper. Write down the nature of your business.

For example, the nature of your business is selling a handy hair brush. What you want to do is define the 3 different groups of people which will be your target market. A simple marketing plan is created when you have done so.

Step #2: Got ‘Mini Projects’?

Heck, there has to be some tasks you can do in order for your simple marketing plan to be simplestartllc manifested. In case you have placed “home maker moms” as your target market then we can proceed further.

They like to watch late night TV shows, right? What better way than to advertise on a slot in the late night TV commercials. So, your first task to do in your simple marketing plan is contact the local TV station for advertising slots and so on.

Step #3: Keep Adding To Your Simple Marketing Plan

As you progress you will soon find out more details about the best advertising days. Surely, this can’t be the only way to reach your target market. Today, the Internet has enabled you to reach into billions of people all across the globe.

You are now in the Information Age. Join an online discussion with your target market. Remember, we are creating a simple marketing plan so just observe what they ‘want’ or ‘wish’ to have. Your job is to do exactly that and make an offer to them.

Of course, learning to expand your simple marketing plan over the Internet world is indeed advantageous. You want maximum exposure to your business. Invest in yourself by becoming a good online marketer and fortune will follow.

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