Herbalife Promotes Healthy Nutrition Active Lifestyle Programme

Most of us want a healthy active lifestyle. And if we commit to some gradual long term lifestyle changes we can markedly improve our health and activity and lifestyle. After over 25 years in the health and nutrition business, Herbalife know a thing or two about healthy nutrition and have combined this with knowledge on active lifestyle to make their new Healthy Active Lifestyle programme. The Herbalife six point plan is to help everyone be more healthy and more well by making these 6 points part of every day life.

1. Good nutrition everyday from a balanced and varied diet. This means the right balance and level of macro nutrients and micro nutrients to suit your needs according to age, gender, life-stage, body composition, activity levels and your own goals. Your goals may be weight management, weight control, weight gain, weight loss, more energy or sport fitness targets.

2. Eat moderately sized, balanced and nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day to help regulate energy levels and replenish nutrients. A balanced nutrition plan should provide your body with balanced levels of energy, vitamins, minerals, good carbohydrates, plant-based protein, healthy fats and beneficial fiber, herbs and antioxidants. A healthy eating plan supported by Herbalife products involves eating a variety of foods but all in moderation.

3. Eat colourful fruit and vegetables every day, 7 portions of colourful fresh fruit and vegetables per day for nutrition and antioxidant benefits. The greater the variety of colours in your fruits and vegetables, the greater the range of micro nutrients you will be eating. If this is difficult, maybe take a quality supplement to get your body needs.

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