Why Use Consumer Lifestyle Surveys?

I’m sure just about everybody has received what he or she considers to be junk mail. Most of the time it goes straight into the bin as even the biggest consumer can at times get fed up with the world of sales, where even your organs are game. On the odd occasion just as I am about to ditch the junk mail something catches my eye: a discount for a holiday, free DVD, or coupon for a facial. But in a world where nothing comes free it’s hard to trust and besides in the three minutes it will take to fill out the claim form I could be flicking through the TV channel instead…

Now if I only I received direct marketing for things that actually interested me, were somehow useful or informative, then I would be much less inclined to chuck the lot away. I mean who can be bothered to sift the chiff from the chaff when Eastenders is about to begin?

On the other hand if the phone call I received, or leaflet in the post, or coupon from the supermarket was something that was purposeful, then I am sure I would give it commercial time at least and so I got to thinking…

It’s all about the target.

Maybe it was time for me to hit a home run in my own business by hitting the target. The world of ceramics isn’t going to excite the average man. Somebody living in a wooden hut, a carpeted home or in a cold country isn’t likely to be my biggest customer but what about the man with a house in Spain, Bail, Greece or Turkey? Here the demand is huge. Having nailed the countries what next? There is no point in sending out leaflets to seventeen year olds, who are mostly interested in cars, clubs and the opposite sex; or seventy year olds, who quite frankly like their current flooring. With so many variables to consider it became very clear to me that you have to find your pool of punters and they might not be in your local. So how do you go about this?

Consumer lifestyle surveys are the way forward as their sole functions are to provide consumer data to the direct marketing industry. Companies that carry out consumer lifestyle surveys have the resources to find out who you should target and who your potential customers are for the long haul. It’s well known that quality and not quantity is what sticks. The first sale is easy but to get the people to come back again and again, quality is what matters. In that case it makes far better sense to send out smaller amounts of marketing material to the right people

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