Prerequisites of a Data Scientist

Data Science has become a common terminal in the past years but many people do not seem to know the exact meaning of it or some might get it confused with other things. It is neither solely statistics nor a piece of science work. It is also not a work of software engineering. So what exactly is Data Science?

Data Science is summarized as a recently developed emerging field which includes programming, statistical alacrity, visualization tools and business knowledge. A person working with Data using these techniques is referred as a Data Scientist. He is the linker between the data world and the business world. You might be wondering how? The answer is very simple. Every second, a large amount of data is generated from various sources. This data is either structured or unstructured. While the former has a defined format and can be easily interpreted, the latter does not have a predefined manner and includes multimedia, presentations, webpages which cannot be sorted. The data is initially collected, then formatted, analyzed, executed and lastly visualized in the form of presentations. This visualization is critical as it helps the business domain to understand the trend and strategize for their sales and profits.

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