See Movie Screenings!

Movies today are so expensive. It’s not like being around, when you could get in to a movie theater for say thirty cents or so. Then again, watching those 3D flicks back then was more of a headache than they are today excepting maybe the prices of them. I myself was pretty lucky on this regard.

All I had to do in Mountain View, California was to press my face up against the downtown movie theater’s window, and someone inside would pay for me to come in. The now torn down Moffett Drive-in could easily be viewed from the backyard of my best friend’s friend, whose parent’s house had right there in their yard one of those ever loving tree houses which allowed each of us to both watch and hear movies until the sun came up. By climbing down, we could slip through a small hole in the fence in order to wrap the speaker wires around one of the drive-in’s [somehow spliced] speaker outlets.

My luck with being drawn to free movies in the Hollywood area, while living in Long Beach when attending junior high, high school, as well as Long Beach State while still in high school amounted to a producer speaking directly to me like this, “You guys in Southern California have hogged up all of the tickets, to the point that nobody anywhere can ever else gets a chance to see it!

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