Free iPhone Movie Downloads

Getting an iPhone can mean a lot of great things, but unfortunately another thing it usually means is that your wallet’s going to be pretty empty for a while. The cost of the iPhone itself coupled with all the “upkeep” expenses can get pretty pricey. Some of it you’ll have to be resigned to…but there are a few things you can do to lower your costs, and one of the biggest ones is to find your downloads for a lot cheaper.

Be honest with yourself: with a beautiful, shiny new iPhone, you’re going to want to have lots of multimedia files to play on the go. With the iPhone pretty much dominating as the best portable handheld media player on the market, it would nothing short of a regrettable waste to NOT have a large selection of hot music, movies, and tv shows to play.

Now, there are plenty of places to get your downloads…but some of them are pretty expensive. I mean, look at iTunes. It’d probably be your first choice to get iPhone downloads, because it’s only natural that two Apple products would go well together. I don’t blame you for thinking of iTunes first, Apple’s done a good job linking their products and services together.

But are you aware that iTunes charges a dollar a song? Okay, okay…so it’s “under a dollar.” Like one cent makes all the difference. Still, 99 cents a song is highway robbery. I don’t even know what that translates into in terms of videos and movies…but if they think 99 cents a SONG is fair, I shudder to think of what a movie would cost.

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