Five Great Action Movies You Should Take A Date To

Nothing can destroy the bond that is forged in the hot fires of mutual adoration for an intense and memorable action sequence. In fact, seeing good action movies can elevate more than just your heart rate, it can elevate your mutual attraction with your date. With many movies coming out each week, it is hard to select the best flicks to go to. Some cinemas regularly screen some of the best action films- even if they aren’t new releases. Here are five great ones you should take your date to.

1. Aliens

James Cameron’s masterpiece set into motion an obsession with the combination of sci-fi and action. This second film in an initial installment of three boosted the adrenaline level from the slow and suspenseful Alien (the first movie) filmed by Ridley Scott. Taken in a new direction, it is not so much whether this film is better or worse, but rather it stands on its own as a completely different style of Alien movie. Nonetheless, it has withstood the test of time and many viewers continue to see it.

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