Using a Mind Movie to Help You Manifest

Watching a “Mind Movie” is a very enjoyable method and a very powerful tool to help you manifest. Because it works simultaneously on multiple senses it more easily by-passes resistance and helps tune our sub-conscious. A Mind Movie is simply a short video, set to uplifting mood music that displays images interspersed with words.

So what it does is puts in front of you the images you want to visualise, along with affirmations you want to internalise. You will notice too that the images are not static on the screen but zoom in or out or across and the transitions from one frame to another vary. This helps as an additional stimulus to the mind. Finally the music will help put you in a comfortable, relaxed frame of mind – again lessening any resistance you might have. Using a generic, or someone else’s mind movie is reasonably effective, but what if you could choose your own music, the affirmations you want, and included images of yourself and the things YOU personally want to manifest?

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