2012 the Movie – An Experts Review

Review of 2012 The Movie:

* End of the world – 2012 marks the end of the world as people have known it, not the end of the world literally.
* 2012 is also not literal – however 12.21.2012 is a deadline. This deadline marks a time when old behaviors will finally come to a majority end. The pain will have gone on too long and people will finally be convinced that their old patterns are only hurting them and those around them.
* The massive destruction of cities and lives – marks a total breakdown of the old structures and ways of thinking and doing things.
* John Cusack – portrays a person who is lost in a pre-2012 world and empowered in a post-2012 world. Values will no longer be based on your bank account, but based on your deeds.
* People are still living, acting and thinking in a pre-2012 world – anyone who seems lost or crazy right now, like John Cusack or Woody Harrelson represent people who ‘normal people’ need to take a second look at. Ask yourself, “what you are missing?”
* There is no place to run – everything and everyone is in this together. It’s about paying attention, stopping the self-centeredness, learning to love and help one another and be part of the solution before it becomes urgent

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