Parenting Tip: – Treat Your Child Uniquely… Each Child Is Different

Treat your child uniquely:-

“The sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior. The sign of truly great parenting is the parent’s behavior” – Andy Smithson.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful peacock who loved himself a lot until one day he heard a nightingale singing nearby. Disappointed peacock shared his grief with the leader of the God’s, Juno to which he explained that every living is special in his or her own way. He further added, “They are and made in a certain manner that serves the greater purpose. The nightingale is blessed with a beautiful voice and you are blessed with beautiful feathers. Life is all about acceptance and making the most of what we have”. By this story, we all can learn that we as an adult should always count our kid’s blessings as each child is unique in some special way or the other. How often we tell our kids, “Look at your best friend, he is the class topper. Why can’t you get excellent marks like her/him?” or “See, your brother/sister won the best player trophy again. Why can’t you play like him/her?” A comparison is the thief of joy that only serves to make you and your child frustrated and disappointed. We constantly compare their grades, height, weight, talent, performance, etc with their peers and friends. I know, as a parent, Comparison is certain but ideal parenting is all about giving ample of opportunities to your child to flourish rather than restricting them to your rules and regulations for which it is vital to relish their inimitable personality and identify theirs necessitates and ardor. Instead of saying, “Why can’t you study hard like your brother so that you get good marks like him’ say ‘To get good/ better marks to study hard’. Don’t pull them down by your unrealistic expectations.


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