An Audi Car Salesperson’s Dream – Racecar Driver Hans Stuck

It is amazing how much the sponsorships for car racing can do for sales for any given manufacture. Even though the cars which are raced are highly modified, and bear little resemblance to the automobile a consumer might buy it surely enhances the brand, and is a winning combination for marketing. There are many drivers, racecar drivers that is, who cross categories of racing. In Europe there are only a couple that race Lemans, IndyCar, rally car, and are known for their daredevil test driving and fearless prototype demonstrations.

One such individual in Europe is Hans Stuck, a well-known racecar driver who raced well into his late 80s, and never seemed to miss a beat, his mind is sharp, his great reflexes, and his experience make up for any slowdown he may have experienced over the years. He is respected by fellow racers, and known on all of the circuits throughout Europe. He’s raced for Audi, and many other manufacturers, and he is one-of-a-kind. Might I suggest that he is also an Audi car salesperson’s dream?

In the United States we have NASCAR drivers who are very well known, and when they race a Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, or other brand it helps sales. Still, it’s hard to beat people like Hans Stuck, because in his case he had been racing for over seven decades. I’m not sure how anyone can beat that, he is a legend in European racing, and for good reason. His name is considered the gold standard, and he is probably personally responsible for building the brands of a number of manufacturers, and selling millions of automobiles.

As a branding expert I marvel at how well his personal brand has done, mostly due to his hard work, his love of racing, and his relentless pursuit of excellence. But also due to the sponsors, and manufacturers which allowed him to sit and race in some of the greatest innovative cars in racing history. What more can we say? Consider if you will that you are an Audi car salesperson, and someone comes in to buy the latest and greatest sports car in your showroom.

You strike up a conversation and you realize that the person who’s come in is a racing fan, and therefore you spend 20 minutes talking about Hans Stuck, that individual car buyer isn’t going anywhere else, and he’s got a do everything he can to drive out in the latest and greatest and newest model. What a winning combo. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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