true about Fordyce Spots?

Surely we have to accept the fact that we have to take risks all the time in our daily living. When we are crossing the road, we are taking a risk. When we are driving a car, we are taking a risk. Also when we are travelling on betrouwbare corona testen a bus or plane, we are taking a risk. Then why have we turned this coronavirus into a bogeyman? Since the medical profession is the guardian of the physical and mental health of people, should it not be involved in protecting us from this bogeyman instead of joining with the politicians into promoting one?

Fear is the worst enemy of man. It creates negative feelings and thus leads to adverse action. We have to confront it, not embrace it. The medical profession should be educating the public about the virus, not helping to create a bogeyman to look under their beds. Also, do not the media carry any responsibility in all this?

There will be more viruses to come to infect society in the future. Are we going to go into lockdown each time? Remember, a spooked mind is a mind that is suffering from a disorder of perception. How can one expect it to think rationally?

Guys like to be able to show off an unblemished manhood, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes they inspect their members and find penis bumps which they hadn’t seen before, and this can raise questions. Is his penis health sub-par? What is causing these penis bumps? Knowing about penis bumps can help a guy know what to do – so this quiz can help test a man’s knowledge about this subject.

Quiz questions

1) True or False: If a guy has penis bumps, he has a social disease.

2) Which of the following is NOT true about Fordyce Spots?

a. They are small (1-3 mm usually).

b. They are dangerously malignant.

c. They are common.

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