Bingo Bonus Structure

The bingo bonus structure has one great side effect though. Whenever players do not redeem their bonus points. When they take a hit to their bonus for redeeming cash, let their bonus money expire, or cash it in on other promotions — they decrease the bonus money in play which makes all other money in play – bonus or real – more valuable. Big winners take their bonus out of play and that gives everyone else a higher effective payout per card. Of course the true payout never changes. The net effect is a slight increase in the odds that there will be more winners dipping into the actual payouts.

five important concerns about Bingo Bonus.

There are five important concerns one should keep in mind while registering to play bingo online on bingo website to have a clear idea of bonus structure of the site and its effect.


  • Bingo sites pay out the same amount regardless of how much bonus money they give away.
    1. Most sites pay out close to 70% on real cash. This just means, that on a card-by-card basis, the more bonus money in play, the lower the average effective payout per card. Since you can buy more cards, this does not hurt you, assuming that you get the same bonus that everyone else does. This is not 100% true. The bingo bonuses help and harm. LI>
  • Bonus money is never redeemable as cash.
    Deposits, winnings and bonus money are always treated separately.

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