Do You REALLY Believe You’ll Be A Success?

Do You REALLY Believe You’ll Be A Success?

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This article shows how to go after your dream of having a successful business and making it happen by believing in your unique talents and abilities.


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I was recently invited as a guest on a 4-day cruise boarding a ”True” Luxury Liner. Every room was a suite. I knew via their website we had a bathroom bigger than the one in my home, a sitting room, bedroom, mini-bar and balcony. I knew I needed a break and kept saying I did. It came just before I was due for foot surgery. In my heart I know when we continue to say what we want and believe, it comes to us bigger than what we expect.

I had also wanted to fly home and see my mother who is in an assisted living home. I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her for some time due to my foot surgery coming up and really wanted to get home. So I asked. On our return flight we were able to stop to see my mom for a couple of days. The timing was amazing but I believed.

The day after returning home I went into surgery. Before I went in I had a concern that I would lose momentum in my business with a 12-week recovery period. As I looked at what I had accomplished and believed there was a great downtime opportunity to create, I KNEW I wouldn’t have any problem. I believed everything would be all right. The second I woke up from my surgery I KNEW I would continue to achieve my goals. It’s the first thing I thought about when I opened my eyes. It was like a gift that came in the form of a thought. Through the next 3 weeks my laptop was attached to my hip with ideas just BURSTING. (in-between naps from the painkillers) It was a painful time and an inspiring time.

Here’s something else I had in place. I had come across some great products about Belief and Truth. During my first month of recovery time I continued to learn about myself, my business, what was right for me and where I shouldn’t go.

I was like a sponge and one day something really hit me. A BIG AHA! BELIEF! I’ve had it all along but something was different now. It had a deeper meaning and it played a much bigger role. Not just for me but for all solo-entrepreneurs.

The BIG AHA is coming up soon. The foundation with cornerstones that I work from and I know a lot of us do when we have a business is, Belief, Trust, Passion, Business Process and Marketing. Another big piece is only doing what I LOVE. That would be included in Passion. Feel free to fill in any pieces that are different for your foundation.

Here’s the BIG AHA! Belief is the entire foundation. In fact, if I were to create a business model it would look something like this. Picture a triangle. On the left side of the triangle is Business; Right side is Marketing; top is Trust; Within the triangle is Passion; and Belief is the entire foundation.

I KNOW what I have and BELIEF has carried me to where I am now and where I will go. Do you know what you have? You have something magnificent! You have something that no one else has because you are unique and that’s what you bring to your business. If you have a dream, go after it. If you have a business, make it a GREAT one. In either case don’t deprive others of your gifts. They are in need of you and it’s up to you (and your suppo
t system) to make it happen.

Have the BEST day and keep Believing!

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