What exposure have you had?

Tell me about your creative process, from the beginning of a work to its completion:

OK it may seem like a crazy frenzy, but many times I will sketch out things over and over and then it comes to me – what to paint. I guess If I had to think about my process it would be first, to get my canvas ready and primed. Then if I am doing, for instance, a lake I will lay out my lines just to know where things will go, and figure in which way the light is coming and where my shadows are. And then I begin painting. I am hoping to get more equipment so I can go to locations and paint more landscapes in open air.

What exposure have you had?

I have been in Greenville, South Carolina’s Art in the Park, the Greenwood Festival of Flowers arts and crafts and Art of Recovery 2011, 2012, and 2013. I am now showing with many other talented artist at Les Beaux Arts; I am on wall six.

What is the most unexpected reaction someone had to your art?

Once I saw a photograph and decided to paint from it. I thought my work was nothing like the photograph though. The owner of the photo contacted me and asked if it was for sale. They bought it for $400.00, what a shock!

Do you have any regrets in your life as an artist?

Yes, I wished I had done this and gained exposure at a younger age.

What plans do you have for the future of your art?

I want to grow, I know some may say “at 52, isn’t it a bit late?” but I want to study under a master artist. I am always ready to learn at any point in my life. My goal is to one day close in my car-port and make it into a real working studio. One that will be handicap-accessible and have its own entrance. I would like to have a dedicated place to create. Something I would really like to get other artists on board with working on a collection dear to my heart, what I call the pink collection. This collection would be for a campaign I want to call Tyra’s Triumph in honor of my late sis, who lost her battle to breast cancer. I hope to get each artist, including my self, to do a work that is pink or has something pink in it. Then a silent auction would be held and the proceeds go to cancer research to find a cure. It is my hope and prayer that nobody should have to go through what I have witnessed my loved ones going through. Cancer research is more important to me than you can ever know; cancer has touched my dad, his brother and sister in the same year, and then two more sisters to cancer. It’s time to stop it, and I want to use art as tool to do just that.

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