Deciding On The Right Article Marketing Strategy For Your Business

So now that you have put up your own business, see to it that the business plan is in place and very attainable, and make sure that your business site is up and running, it is time to check and see if the strategy you’ve outlined for SEO safe backlinks your article marketing can really match up to the hyper competitive environment you have around you.

Knowing how to sell your article is a very important matter, especially if you aim to get your article (and your site, in the course of events) on top of your favorite search engine’s results list. This can also help in generating more traffic for your site, which also means more money in terms of the return of investment you’ve been ogling on for so long.

In this business, there are about a lot of strategies you can use to sell your articles, but for here we discuss three that we feel are most appropriate for most companies, and will therefore suit your needs best.

Direct article marketing – this method involves putting your articles into your site, and having each individual article link directly to a page of a site that sponsors earnings for your own site. In short, your link transports your reader to your affiliate site’s sales page.

This way, you are making up your content for the sole purpose of getting people to read your articles and click on the link you’ve placed on your page to lead them to the site where you make your sales. This method can be considered an easy sell because of the ease of making up the links that lead to your site, it’s free, and it is never a complicated process. The downside to this would have to be the constant building up of an article base so you can give your readers the opportunity to make a purchase.

Traffic Marketing – in this method, you make up a landing page, load it up with article to push out traffic to your landing page in the hopes of getting your readers to do something that supports the cause of having your site in the first place. The goal of this strategy would be to bring traffic to the landing page (that much is obvious), and load them up on high-authority sites so that searchers would be attracted to read them in the first place.

Backlink marketing – this type of marketing works such that when you submit your articles, you order to receive backlinks to your web page that help your site rank higher in the search engine results page among others. The main goal of this strategy is to make your page rank higher than others in the search engine to bring more traffic into your site.

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