ElvUI Addon Guide

Elv User Interface (ElvUI) gives a far reaching, productive, and completely adjustable UI trade for World of Warcraft. About all parts of the first Blizzard UI are cleaned to give a strong appearance, including activity bars, unit outlines, strike outlines, nameplates, talk outline, and most in-game menus. Furthermore, these recently cleaned outlines give more noteworthy customization than the base UI in both appearance and usefulness taking into consideration more data to be shown and controlled to improve your play.

Since ElvUI is a finished UI substitution, you’d almost certainly require a few addons working pair to repeat a comparative impact. Utilizing various addons accompanies extra arrangement, expanded utilization of framework assets, just as potential similarity issues. With a solitary addon like ElvUI, the arrangement is contained in a solitary direct menu, the asset use is diminished, and there are zero similarity issues. https://keywordinstalls.com

ElvUI considers certain parts of ElvUI to be incapacitated on the off chance that you incline toward another addon to deal with that piece of your UI. In any case, if it’s not too much trouble note that certain addons (Shadowed Unit outlines, Z-Perl, Dominoes, Bartender, and so forth.) might be inconsistent with ElvUI and I for the most part recommend beginning new with ElvUI.

Numerous addons are completely perfect with ElvUI: Damage meters, for example, Skada, Recount, Details; Boss mods, for example, DBM or BigWigs; and different other mainstream addons, for example, Clique and Weak Auras 2. Truth be told, numerous mainstream addons can be cleaned to fit the ElvUI tasteful, by means of AddOnSkins.

In this guide, we’ll spread all the highlights and utilities of ElvUI just as how to modify the addon to all the more likely suit your UI needs and lift your exhibition.

What addons do I need?

As I referenced before, ElvUI is a thorough and complete UI substitution; the entirety of the center usefulness originates from the ElvUI base establishment. Anyway there are extra modules and addons that guide into ElvUI to give extra highlights and customization. The following is an overall rundown of addons that work explicitly with ElvUI just as certain notes concerning what each addon gives. I’ve likewise incorporated some well known addons and modules that give extra customization and additionally style arrangements. ElvUI is routinely refreshed, so make certain to refresh your addons as often as possible for the most recent highlights. If you don’t mind Note: The main required addon is ElvUI.

Addon Name Notes Recommendation

ElvUI Provides the center usefulness that controls the various extra addons and plugins. Required

AddonSkins Allows you to skin different addons to coordinate the ElvUI appearance. Highly Recommended

ElvUI CustomTweaks Plugin that gives extra client mentioned changes and usefulness to ElvUI. Optional

ElvUI ExtraActionBars Plugin that gives 4 extra activity bars to ElvUI. Optional

ElvUI DataText Bars 2 Plugin takes into consideration the formation of extra information text boards for ElvUI Optional

ElvUI_ExtraDataTexts Plugin that gives extra Data Text Values to ElvUI. Optional

Shadow and Light External Edit of ElvUI that includes extra usefulness and plan alternatives to ElvUI. Optional

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