Market segmentation example for cars

There are an assortment of methods of dividing the market for vehicles. Recollect that market division ought to be centered around purchaser gatherings and their needs, not on the class of vehicle. This implies that characterizing various kinds of vehicles, (for example, cars, individuals movers, convertibles, etc) isn’t a worthy way to deal with market division. These kinds of vehicles are item arrangements intended to address the issues of explicit shopper portions. portfolio-europe

in this specific market portion see vehicles as having a practical advantage as it were. They don’t see vehicles to be superficial points of interest and don’t see the incentive in paying extra for quality incorporations, a greater engine, or different overflow choices. In their psyche, a vehicle basically is a transportation gadget they get you from guide A toward point B.

These buyers are profoundly intrigued by lower evaluated vehicles that speak to great incentive for cash. Generally they pulled in more modest vehicles without numerous extra alternatives. They by and large very value touchy and pulled in to extraordinary arrangements. They are bound to switch between brands, instead of the other purchaser sections.


This market section comprises of a set up family with kids still in the family unit. Thusly, they need a bigger, more agreeable vehicle to move their family.

They pulled in to item includes that advantage their family needs –, for example, bigger seating, drink holders, amusement units. Security is likewise another significant factor, as is dependability, and a brand of vehicle that is satisfactory to the entire family.


As recommended by the fragment name, this specific gathering of buyers is principally inspired by the economic wellbeing advantages of a specific vehicle brand. Them that they impart their profession or business achievement (or part in an association) by buying a more costly vehicle.

This gathering of purchasers is pulled in to brands of vehicle that are viewed as high status and are more inspired by brands that have social acknowledgment benefits, instead of the specific highlights of the vehicle.

Naturally AWARE

A developing business sector portion comprises of buyers who consider natural elements in their buy choice of a vehicle. They are worried about the effect that their vehicle has on the indigenous habitat.

This is the market that is more pulled in to mixture or electric vehicles, or more modest vehicles with a lower level of fuel utilization. It is significant that the brand of vehicle has gained notoriety for being ecologically concerned.


The second family vehicle fragment is a subset of the family needs market section. This is for families with the two guardians working, or with youngsters who are currently driving.

They have comparative needs to the next family portion, but since this is a second vehicle basically for more limited travel, they are less keen on the solace highlights. They are commonly looking for a lower-estimated elective for a bigger vehicle, without the additional items of alternatives like diversion units.


This gathering of buyers will normally spend somewhat more on their engine vehicle buy. They are searching for in fact progressed vehicles that have the most recent highlights, just as better completes all through.

They vary from the “I’ve made it” market portion since they are less intrigued by the superficial point of interest of the brand, and are more centered around the item quality and highlights.

Rough terrain drivers

The last market portion in this model are those purchasers looking for a vehicle for a specific reason, for example, taking their vehicle rough terrain into troublesome driving circumstances. These shoppers appreciate rough terrain driving frequently as a social movement.

They are plainly searching for utilitarian advantages to embrace this style of driving, just as security and unwavering quality advantages.

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