5 Mental Conditioning Tips For Option Traders

5 Mental Conditioning Tips For Option Traders

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Too many option traders fail because they load themselves with tons of option trading knowledge but do nothing to ensure that their emotions don’t get in the way. Yes, more than 95% of the option traders out there fail because of a complete lack of discipline and ability to control their emotions.

Nothing tests the emotions of traders more than trading stock options. Stock options move much more than its underlying stock in terms of percentage due to its leverage effect, …

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Too many option traders fail because they load themselves with tons of option trading knowledge but do nothing to ensure that their emotions don’t get in the way. Yes, more than 95% of the option traders out there fail because of a complete lack of discipline and ability to control their emotions.

Nothing tests the emotions of traders more than trading stock options. Stock options move much more than its underlying stock in terms of percentage due to its leverage effect, frequently testing the emotional capacity of option traders, particularly those who follow a day trading methodology.

If you find yourselves having a burning desire to get out of a trade the moment it turned red, if you find yourselves having sleepless nights worrying about your trades, if you have lost money doing all the wrong things at the wrong time only to regret later, then you definitely have an emotional problem.

Here are 5 tips every option trader can use to ensure a healthier mindset and mental health while option trading:

1. 8 Hours Of Sleep A Day!

Yes! This is the most basic of all mental conditioning! Have ample rest! Many option traders who trade the US markets from the other side of the globe at night and option traders who do their research at night are high risk groups. Over time, your mind and body grows weary and tired. You become hot tempered and do all the wrong things and say all the wrong things at the wrong time…. And lose money.

2. Set Aside Time Especially For Option Trading

Nothing tests the patience of an option trader more than option trading while doing something else. Many option traders who trade during office hours secretly on their computer terminals frequently find themselves nervous. That nervousness dramatically increases the probability of doing something wrong. If you are a working adult, use long term option strategies which allow you to manage your positions only during after office hours. Go to for a list of option strategies.

3. Understand Your Trading Style

Every option trader has a dominant character trait. Your character trait determines what option strategies are suitable for you. Please visit and find out what your trading style is.

4. Enjoy Your Weekends

I cannot finish naming those option traders I know who spend all weekend staring at their computer monitor, going through the trades for the week, trying to find out what’s wrong, reading charts and news. After a stressful weekend in front of the computer, an equally stressful option trading week starts. All professional option traders know that weekends are for taking your mind totally off the market and enjoy time with your loved ones.

5. Find Support

Nothing helps an option trader maintain a healthy mindset more than the support of family, loved ones and a good mentor. Making sure your spouse supports you in option trading and understanding when money is lost is one of the most critical aspects of keeping a healthy mindset. A good mentor will also be able to counsel you and tell you where you went wrong so that you never have to spend endless stressful hours pondering.


3 Tips On Choosing Home Equity Credit Line

3 Tips On Choosing Home Equity Credit Line

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Are you a homeowner with a secure job and fixed income? Then a home equity loan is your best solution during times when you need some extra cash to meet expenditures such as home improvement or loan consolidation. If you need credit within a short period of time, and if you are certain you will be able to pay off the debt within a certain period and know exactly how much your expenditure is going to cost, then home equity credit line is your ideal solution. In other words, wh…

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Are you a homeowner with a secure job and fixed income? Then a home equity loan is your best solution during times when you need some extra cash to meet expenditures such as home improvement or loan consolidation. If you need credit within a short period of time, and if you are certain you will be able to pay off the debt within a certain period and know exactly how much your expenditure is going to cost, then home equity credit line is your ideal solution. In other words, when you are going to borrow for a shorter period to cover emergency expenses, drawing on the home equity credit line is the way to go.

You should always choose a home equity line of credit plan that fulfills your particular financial needs. Before finalizing on the deal, go through the credit agreement carefully. Examine each clause separately and in detail. Consider the annual percentage rate or the APR, which is the measure of the effective interest rate that has to be paid on a loan, taking into consideration other fees. The APR is a more accurate reflection of the true cost of the loan that the borrower has to bear as it tells you the total cost of borrowing. The APR makes it easier to compare lenders and loan options to understand the comparative benefit of different loan products.

Drawing on home equity line of credit proves to be particularly cost effective in a market characterized by rising interest rates. The home equity credit lines are characterized by variable rather than fixed interest rates. The variable rates are generally guided by government indexes such as U.S. Treasury bill rate etc. Follow the publicly available indexes to learn about the fluctuations in the interest rate for home equity credit. The interest rate that the lenders publish in their brochures reflects this value of the index at a given point of time plus a margin of a few percentages. Now there are many such indexes; so make sure of the past records of that particular index used by your chosen lender.

Some lenders however will allow you to switch from a variable interest rate to a fixed rate in the middle of the plan. Some plans also enable you to transform all or a part of your home equity line of credit to a fixed-term installment loan.

If you are planning to consolidate your debts on the strength of home equity credit, it is surely going to be more cost-effective than other consumer debt, not only due to its lower interest rate, but also for its tax-saving features. But in order to make the most of the best possible tax deduction advantages, you have to first itemize the taxes payable.


0% APR Balance Transfers Credit Cards: Three Top Choices

0% APR Balance Transfers Credit Cards: Three Top Choices

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There is a lot of interest in 0% APR Balance Transfer credit cards because of the tremendous savings possibilities they offer. You don’t have to be an MIT graduate to understand that the 20% you are paying to a high-interest credit card on a balance of $ 10,000.00 is two grand; and if the interest on your credit card was 0% APR, that money would stay in your pocket. It turns out, however, that not all 0% APR credit cards are the same. Major credit card companies, who are comp…

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There is a lot of interest in 0% APR Balance Transfer credit cards because of the tremendous savings possibilities they offer. You don’t have to be an MIT graduate to understand that the 20% you are paying to a high-interest credit card on a balance of $ 10,000.00 is two grand; and if the interest on your credit card was 0% APR, that money would stay in your pocket. It turns out, however, that not all 0% APR credit cards are the same. Major credit card companies, who are competing fiercely with each other at this moment, use a variety of enhancement programs that combine the idea of 0 % APR Balance Transfers and with other add-on bonuses. Consider the offerings of three of the largest credit card companies, how they are similar in terms of the basics, but are putting a twist on benefits:

The Chase Platinum Credit Card

Chase bank has been in the credit card business for a long time, and this card is their standard offer. It has 0% APR on all purchases and balance transfers, provides free online account access, and does not charge an annual fee. The only question about this card is how long does the 0% APR last; and the answer depends on your credit. If you have excellent credit, Chase will give you 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for a full year. If your credit is good enough to qualify for the card, but not quite good enough to meet the higher standards, that period of 0% APR drops. Still, the opportunity to transfer balances and make purchases at 0% APR makes Chase a good choice.

The Miles Card from Discover

Another industry heavyweight, Discover, has 0% APR credit cards available for purchases and balance transfers. The Miles Card, however, adds the benefit of accumulating airline miles to help consumers choose Discover over everyone else. The company touts their 0% APR credit card for its twelve month duration and the ability to include balance transfers at no interest. The real inducement, however, is the 12,000 mile sign-up bonus and one-mile-for-one-dollar point award. Just to make the deal a little sweeter; there are no blackout dates for these miles and you can fly any airline at any time. You have to have good credit to get one, but the Miles Card from Discover may be a good way to save interest on purchases and balance transfers while building up miles for the next vacation.

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card

This 0% APR credit card from Citi not only gives you 12 months of interest-free funds and no balance transfer charges, it also has a points reward system that gives you redeemable points based on purchases. The program works by offering five reward points for every dollar spent on purchases made at supermarkets, drugstores and gas stations; all other purchases get one point per dollar. You get 5,000 bonus points when you get your card, which can be redeemed for a $ 50.00 gift card after your first purchase. Like the Discover card, you will need good credit to get this 0% APR card, but the initial bonus points and rapid accumulation of reward points for purchases of the basic necessities of life could make this just the card for you.

These days, the question is no longer about finding a 0% APR credit card or a 0% Balance Transfer card; the issue is how would you like that card—with extra months of interest-free money, airline miles, or other rewards such as incentive point programs? Any person who is currently carrying balances on high-interest credit cards should shop online and take a look at the 0% APR and 0% Balance Transfer credit cards from Chase, Discover, Citi and other companies. You may just find the right card for you.


Helpful Tips to Enjoy Great Gaming Experiences

Most of us love playing games on our computers, tablets, and smartphones. However, the games that we play on our consoles and computers do a much better job of creating a realistic experience. Video games are not only great for bonding with people we know, they are also a good medium for making new friends as well.

Here is how you can get the most out of modern video games:

Watch your expenses:

Heavy video game titles, especially when they just come out, are quite expensive. Some games cost even more than $50. Most people find such prices to be unreasonable. That does not mean you always have to spend a fortune in order to enjoy these games.

Here are some ways to enjoy games at cheaper rates.


  • Wait for a few months after the games have been released, because prices come down quite significantly
  • Shop on holidays and events, especially on Cyber Monday, when you get crazy discounts
  • Consider buying legitimate used games from the market, as they are considerably cheaper


However, do not buy pirated games, because it takes away the fun. Also, if you are playing online games, then your copy needs to be licensed and registered to get all the features.

Playing family friendly games

Many games out there are meant to be played exclusively by adults, and they might even contain a bit of profanity. If you want to enjoy the gaming experience with your children, then you will want to avoid such titles. The best way to find out is to check for the ESRB ratings. They are very much like movie ratings that separate adult content from family friendly ones.

Here are some things you should do to make your experience better:


  • Set up a family online account on your consoles, so you can save your history and continue from where you left off the last time
  • When you enable the internet on your console, make sure that the privacy settings are enabled the way you want
  • Disable automatic payments for in-game upgrades, as kids might inadvertently choose the wrong options and waste money
  • Game strategies to help you succeed
  • Some of the console games that come out today have complex strategies. You will take a while to get the hang of them.


If you play a lot of first person shooter (or FPS) games:


  • Make sure you play individually for a while, so that you understand how all the options work
  • Do not reload your gun in the game. Always hide or crouch when reloading, else another player can kill you while reloading
  • The key to doing well in shooter games is staying alive, so it is always defense first
  • Save your games at different points, so you can go back to a previous state if you don’t like what you did.


Console games are not just entertainment, but also give the brain and body workout. They also help children in developing many physical and mental skills. More importantly, they let you relieve your stress after a hard day’s work.



Securing Military Loans With Bad Credit: Making The Effort Worthwhile

Traditional lenders may advertise their willingness to listen to their customers, but in reality they have strict lending policies that overrule the unique status that individual applicants might have. It is why credit reports have significance, and why getting even military loans with bad credit can be tricky.

Of course, it would be a lie to state that any loan applicant who has a bad credit history is doomed to see his application fail. Decisions to approve or reject a loan do not rest solely on scores, so it is possible to get approval with poor credit history if the application is strong enough.

When it comes to military loans, the criteria that applicants must meet are slightly different, and the terms available on the loan are usually much better than normal. This is because military members are a different category of applicant, and are given certain breaks by lenders.

Qualifying For A Military Loan

The only real qualifying condition that is different to normal loans is that applicants for military loans with bad credit have to be a member of the military. As well as the US Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, qualifying applicants can also be members of the reserve forces, the Coast Guard and the Home Guard.

All lenders look for 3 key things in an application, with the applicant needing to be over 18, be a US citizen and have a reliable source of income. As a result of being in the military, all applicants satisfy these conditions automatically. Where things differ from civilian loans is the level of job security.

Military members can get loan approval with poor credit history because government employees have a far greater level of job security than anyone else. Their employer is the US government, which means redundancy is never likely. Therefore, a means of repaying the military loan will always be there.

Terms and Conditions To Seek

Since these loans are available to applicants with a very high degree of job security, the terms offered to those seeking military loans with bad credit are usually quite good. The interest rates are lower than usual and the size of the loans is higher too. But approval is only granted on the back of affordability, and so some applicants are rejected.

The conditions leading to approval are centered around affordability, and affordability is proved through the debt-to-income ratio. This ratio compares the total monthly expenditure with income, revealing the excess income available. However, it also stipulates only 40% of income be spent on loan repayment.

Despite the status of military members, and the promise of loan approval with poor credit history, failing to adhere to the ratio is certain to result in application rejection. Getting a military loan is easier if the loan term is longer, thus lowering the size of the monthly repayments.

Where To Find A Military Loan

The best loan terms are from online lenders, and when it comes to military loans with bad credit, this is particularly true. Traditional lenders may offer comparatively good terms, but interest rates are still higher.

However, it is a good idea to approach only lenders that are recognized by the military. This provides an extra level of protection against unscrupulous lenders, while also reducing the search for reputable lenders. Also, when seeking approval with poor credit history, be sure to check out the small print on the loan contract, to ascertain if there are any hidden charges

Also, whether applying to a traditional or online lender, be sure to carefully calculate what is affordable before submitting your application for the military loan. That way the task of proving affordability is made easier.



The New Face of Modern India in Travel & Tour

Today, India has the potential to become the Global Super Power. Now, India is the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world after China with the growth rate 8.5%, and by 2013 we will beat China and will be on the 1st Position. India is territorially a large country, geographically a peninsula with a strategically dominating view of three major seas which could potentially provide a basis to control ship traffic from the Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean by putting toll gates at the Malacca Straits, a long continuing civilization (over ten thousand years), a large and young population(average age of 29 years as compared to of China of 38 years, and Japan of 47 years)- which is termed as Demographic Dividend, and as proven inventors of cutting edge scientific discoveries in mathematics, astronomy, surgery and recently in high quality IT software. At present India has demonstrated innovative capacity in Chip design, Thorium reactors, Biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

Travel & Tour is also the fastest growing industry in India. India tourism is gradually increasing every ending year. Nowadays, Indian people are traveling all around the world. The way of traveling by Indians is slightly different, preferring the luxury travel & tour.

Organizers of the recent Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF) in Ahmedabad conducted a survey among Gujarat attendees, and results showed a significant number of Indian tourists prefer luxury travel and accommodations.

TTF found that one-third of those surveyed had an average travel budget of Rs 80,000 as reported by the Times of India. Foreign tourism departments in attendance have taken notice of this trend and are offering more options for Indian travelers seeking upscale opportunities.

“Switzerland provides tourists an option of staying together in fully furnished homes or chalet with a kitchen where one can cook one’s own meals,” Swiss travel agent Puneet Sehgal told the news source. Sehgal also noted that at least 400 Indians choose Switzerland for group vacations each year.

Japan has been focusing promotions towards Indian tourists, specifically for theme parks. One Japanese travel agent at the fair told the Times of India that Osaka’s Universal Studios is a major attraction for Gujarati.

More than 15,000 people attended this year’s fair, including exhibitors from Egypt, China, Dubai, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and many other nations.

Celebrations times for Travel Industry…

Travel Magazine has been informed there has been an increase in Package Holiday bookings this year compared to last year even though we are still in a trick economic climate. High Street Travel agents such as First Choice and Thomas Cook are celebrating after people looking for Holiday Deals in September helped increase bookings this year by 75% compared to booking for holidays last September.

Some of the leading travel agents like Lets Travel India have been offering value deal holidays to help increase trade after the industry predicted early this year that the travel industry could suffer due to the unstable economic growth in the UK.

Some of the top selling destinations which have helped increase trade for travel agents have been Canary Islands, India Tour and Spain with people looking for cheap package holidays as a large number of families could not afford holidays last year.

Wise holiday makers have been keeping an eye on travel agents such as Lets Travel India to search for cheap package holidays after the company announced they were slashing prices on a large number of their holidays, while other holiday makers have been booking their own cheap flights and booking hotels abroad via the internet reducing the cost of their holidays.

It was feared that a large number of travel agents would see themselves left with thousands of unsold holidays but with holiday makers looking for cheap deals after leading travel agents were forced to reduce their package holiday prices, this fear has now been reduced and travel agents are now claiming most of their unwanted holidays for September have been sold.

The Indian travel industry is doing well with Indian flights. After having suffered from a somewhat slow season in 2008-2009, once again India is leading travel industry to the front, taken lime light and is seeing a growth in its travel industry of what is expected to be between 5-6% & 1-1.5% higher than the global average.

There are two reasons behind this boom: one is the upcoming Commonwealth Games being hosted in Delhi in October & 2nd one is the Indian government efforts to boost the travel industry through improvements to international travel services and accommodation. This includes the completion of Terminal 3 of Delhi’s International Airport. The terminal is now the sixth largest in the world with a capacity for 37 million passengers per year. For the tourist and business travelers, this means shorter queues, more comfortable lounge areas, plenty of shops and increased flight offerings from UK airports including Birmingham, Belfast International and direct from London Heathrow as airlines bolster the number of Delhi-bound flights.

In anticipation for the Commonwealth Games, the Indian government has also been giving the city of Delhi itself a major facelift; to such a point that professionals within the travel industry are anticipating that Delhi is quickly becoming a top contender as a one of the major travel destinations for world tourists.

Of course, with all of this attention focused on India, destination-bound airlines and hotels are offering tempting fares and fabulous budget accommodation prices for Delhi bound tourists and business travelers – both in October during the Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi and beyond.

So, travelers pack up your luggage and ready as soon as possible for travel to India for India tour & Commonwealth Games 2010 in Delhi with Lets Travel India. Lets Travel India is offering services for Travel India Tour Hotel Bookings cover Hotels at almost all the important tourist destinations including Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Kullu-Manali, Shimla, Varanasi, Bikaner, Pushkar, Ajmer, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Khajuraho, Mount Abu etc.

The Indian travel industry is doing well with Indian flights. After having suffered from a somewhat slow season in 2008-2009, once again India is leading travel industry to the front, is seeing a growth in its travel industry between 5-6% & 1-1.5% higher than the global average. Travel has become the major part of our life today. When we talk about the travel India tour, we think about places full of adventure, rich in heritage and dotted with great beaches. Go to India tour with Lets Travel India. Lets Travel India is presenting vast range of travel India package for travel India tour and a huge number of hotels in India, more then 2500 hotels in India at the very budget price!

My name is Aryan Pradhan, by profession I am a SEO and content writer, I am doing this lovely and pretty job since 2007. Currently I am working with Lets Travel India as a webmaster.


Cell Phones and Brain Cancer – The Truth be Told

It is interesting that we have seen a good deal about the challenges of Cell Phones in the media lately. I’ve noted articles in the USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and on TV on CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC. What concerns me is that there were studies in Switzerland in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999 and yet it was as if there was a media blackout here in the US. And realize this was back when cell phones were switching over from the 3 Watt phones which is a lot more power and thus, more micro-wave intensity.

That is to say, they were much worse back then for the human bio system, and the antennas were more robust as well, and the cell towers were further apart averaging 7-miles or more, today more like 3-miles. This higher power setting and bigger antennas means more brain cookage! Back then we were told there was nothing to worry about; perfectly harmless, now we find out, well, actually they weren’t.

There was an interesting book review article on Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence online recently on May 24, 2011 titled “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family” – Devra Davis, published by Dutton Adult, 2010. The book review states;

“Much-anticipated, explosive expose of how cell phone use damages brain cells, especially in children, by one of the world’s foremost scientific experts in the field – an array of recent and long suppressed research in this timely bombshell. Cell phone radiation is a national emergency. Stunningly, the most popular gadget of our age has now been shown to damage DNA, break down the brain’s defenses, and reduce sperm count while increasing memory loss, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer.”

You see, here is a gentleman who wrote a whole book on the topic, not just a cutesy article for mainstream media. It’s got all the studies, research, including these latest studies everyone is reading about showing how the cell phone radiation is causing DNA to breakdown, and that the cell phones are carcinogenic.

That’s just scary stuff, and what about pregnant mothers with their cell phones strapped to their hips using the blue-tooth on their ear. Their brains are safe in that case, but how is their unborn baby doing there, I ask? Still more questions, but if you want some real answers, I guess I’d recommend this book to you too. Please consider all this.



To GPS or Not GPS? That Is the Question

My husband is “navigationally challenged,” which is a fancy way of saying he gets lost trying to get out of our subdivision. So he bought a GPS, and now he can drive to our local McDonald’s without a problem. I warned him that he’s “dumbing himself down” by using a GPS to get around, but does he listen? No, of course not.

It actually appears that getting lost is a genetic trait in his family. A few of his siblings (he’s one of seven children) can’t find their way around town, either. Who would have thought that good old DNA, along with giving this guy blue eyes, brown hair and skinny legs, would also pass along a “just get lost” gene?

Luckily for my spouse, if the GPS ever has a nervous breakdown from having to direct him all the time, both our daughter and I have a great sense of direction. Not surprisingly, this comes in handy when it comes to sniffing out shopping malls or Mexican restaurants (our favorite food). I can actually read a paper map! And our daughter only has to drive somewhere once, and she can get back to that spot blindfolded. Not that I would suggest that option, mind you.

Researchers say that navigational skills are all in our brain; more specifically, our hippocampus. This is where our long-term memory function is located. Some of us simply have better recognition and spatial memory in that old hippocampus of ours. Before GPS came around, people had to create a map in their mind, or use visual cues as they drove in order to figure out how to get somewhere. GPS eliminates the need for that mapping.

So how does that affect the brain? Going back to my original thought, is my spouse hindering his already minimal navigational skills by depending upon a GPS? According to recent research, it’s a good possibility that he is doing just that. He’s following the directions provided by the technology, and not actually viewing the surroundings. If he tried to get to the same place on his own, he’d like be unable to do so.

Some researchers are concerned that by not using the memory functions our hippocampus provides us, this important part of our brain will shrink. This shrinkage may lead to a higher risk of dementia in later years. Additionally, we may be negatively affecting other cognitive skills as well, because we use mental maps for other functions besides getting from point A to point B.

Other researchers point out that because GPS helps us avoid making mistakes (if we do, the device simply points us back in the right direction) we are hindering our brain skills by not solving those mistakes ourselves. Problem solving strengthens our analytical skills.

The research that’s been conducted has not been conclusive. However, it’s certainly food for thought, since science has shown that challenging our brain is what help keeps in functioning well as we age.
My spouse doesn’t seem overly concerned about the information I’ve turned up on the subject. The bottom line for him is that since he has only a minimal set of navigational skills to begin with, he may as well just use the GPS. Or he can take me along on every trek outside our neighborhood. Since the GPS (he’s named her Bea) doesn’t nag him, I think I know which choice he’ll make. I just won’t let him throw out the good old-fashioned map, just in case we decide to let Bea take a hiatus from navigating.



The Problem With the IMDB Top 250 Movie List

If like me you love movies the chances are you are aware of IMDB, one of the main if not the main source for movie information on the net. It’s a very useful site for those wanting the latest news and reviews as well as information on movies both new and old.

One of the areas which use to be of interest was the IMDB 250 movie list which ranked the most popular movies as rated by the IMDB members. I say use to as at one time it would consist of movies which have remained popular over years having stood the test of time where as these days, well it often features new releases which get an influx of votes from over enthusiastic members who think the likes of “Toy Story 3” is superior to “Goodfellas” and “The Prestige” is better than “Raging Bull”, come on seriously.

And that is the flaw with the IMDB top 250 movie list, it is prone to those who don’t understand what makes a great movie, and I do mean great. They watch a movie think it’s the best thing since slice bread and give it an over zealous rating on IMDB. It has to be said that as IMDB has become more popular this problem has got worse and just looking through the IMDB top 250 movie list today I can spot at least 10 movies which are less than 5 years old which have found themselves high up on the list thanks to over enthusiastic rating from members.

The trouble is these movies knock others of the list and then stay on there until after a few years these movies get more realistic ratings and slowly start to drop down and drop off. Which would be okay if it wasn’t for the fact in the mean time yet another new release has got itself on the list and if this cycle continues then at some point the IMDB top 250 movie list is going to feature more modern movies which whilst maybe good aren’t great.

So what can be done?

Well the first thing which could be done is for IMDB to tackle the issue. In their formula for creating the IMDB top 250 movie list they should factor in the age of the movie. Possibly reducing the value of member rates in the first couple of years after release so the enthusiasm doesn’t create this problem. That way the list would end up more realistic as it would consist of more of those movies which are great and have stood the test of time. It would also stop over enthusiastic members artificially boosting the rankings of newer movies just to get them high up on the list.

What they can also do is make the rating of a movie a more thoughtful process. They could ask you to rate different aspects of the movie such as the storyline, acting, effects and camera work taking an average of these rates to calculate your overall rating. Of course some will still just rate at the top of the scale on all of these but it will encourage some members to think more deeply about what goes into a great movie which is what the IMDB top 250 movie list should be all about.

And something which members can do is to start thinking seriously about what they rate a movie before they click the mouse. Even if IMDB doesn’t prompt you to take into consideration the different elements and whether in a few years time you will have forgotten much of the movie you are about to rate a 10.

But more importantly is rather than just watching new movies, watch those older movies which are on the IMDB top 250 movie list for a reason and gain an appreciation for what makes a great movie. You may be surprised how much more interesting and entertaining these older movies are than some of today’s cinematic releases.

To see the current IMDB top 250 movie list click here.

Andy Webb writes movies reviews covering anything from the classics through to modern. Visit The Movie Scene to read my opinion on movies new and old.



Keep Guesswork Aside While Cooking – Use Laser Cooking Thermometer for Precision

Cooking is not a rocket science. When you are cooking a delicious and succulent dish specially the red meat item all you need to ensure is the proper balance of heat and time. You can’t come up with delicious, mouth watering, healthy and yummy dishes until you are completely sure about the temperature. So, is there any way to judge the perfect temperature of the cooked food? Oh yes, you can use the laser cooking thermometer to know the perfect temperature of you cooked dishes and can enjoy the tasty, delicious and yummy food dishes.

If you are not familiar with the laser cooking thermometer here are some help for you. A laser cooking thermometer is an instrument used to measure the temperature of food. Laser cooking thermometer can mainly be of two types. One is known as candy thermometer and other is known as the laser meat thermometer.

Candy thermometers are mainly used to determine the sugar concentration and consistency of candy syrup when it is being heated. In preparing the candy determining the sugar percentage in the syrup is important but sometimes it is not possible in normal process. When the candy gets hotter, the water starts to get evaporated and there seems to be higher concentration of sugar. In preparing lollipops it is important to know when it is time to remove the syrup from the heat. A laser cooking thermometer helps in detecting that perfect temperature.

Laser meat thermometers are used to determine whether the meat has attained the temperature where food borne pathogens will be eliminated. Laser meat thermometer is used to determine whether the meat is properly cooked, half cooked or over cooked. To find the temperature of the meat it is important that you insert the meat thermometer inside the thickest part of the meat. Temperatures would vary if you want to cook different types of meats. When you are preparing the beef item the temperature should be more than 145 degrees Fahrenheit to make it properly cooked. Poultry and pork should be cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to make these properly cooked.

You should be serious about the right temperature while you are cooking meat. Cooking meat in the right temperature is very much important when it comes to question of healthy living. Some serious and critical diseases can be caused by taking half cooked or badly cooked meat items. Proper cooking is important because it kills the harmful bacteria and safeguards you against any serious health issues. Medical or healthcare professionals always insist on taking perfectly cooked food items. Laser cooking thermometer ensures the healthy living by ensuring the properly cooked food.

You can find the laser cooking thermometer in different models and designs. But most of the designs look more or less like the pointed gun. You can get them in different varieties as well. Fast read thermometers, oven safe dial thermometers or disposable thermometers are some of the popular models. And when it comes to brands the top names are Taylor, Polder, ThermoWorks, Maverick, Sunbeam etc.

Using the laser cooking thermometer and the laser thermometer you can enjoy the most delicious, succulents, juicy and yummy dishes. With laser cooking thermometer in your kitchen, enjoy the new experience of cooking and enjoy a nice meal with family.