Personal Health Care and Common Cold Remedies

Your personal health carefat bike elettrica important thing as it is the best long-term investment you can do for yourself. In the short term it fixes the discomfort and the mood. In the long term it sharpens the mind, improves sleep patterns and boosts the energy. Body is getting older everyday, so you’re doing yourself a favour by getting it to the top shape now.

Also don’t be a tough guy or girl and ignore the pain. Have ANY DISCOMFORT checked as soon as possible. Don’t allow your ego to ignore the problem! Fix it NOW before it’s too late! Healthy body feels good. Ideally, under normal circumstances, it should be free of any pain and discomfort.

Put up your best hopes and intentions and become your own doctor applying fixes on as many fronts as possible. Healthy diet, multi-vitamins, gently increasing exercise intensity, positive mindset, and some self-hypnosis can play a huge role in your health project. Either one of the fixes will work, or the accumulation of many small things will add up to a grand result (Kaizen).

Try to get to the root of each problem and fix it long term – not masking it with drugs. Start with a physical exam: check your chemistry, blood and urin. Then start researching and fixing whatever is broken.

If you’re recovering from an accident do a lot of sleeping, physiotherapy, Shiatsu massage, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and multi-vitamin. Follow all that with chiropractic adjustments to help the body with the healing process. The spinal cord, which is enclosed in the spine, carries all the healing impulses from the brain to the entire body, so it is crucial that the spine allows the central nervous system to operate flawlessly.

Here are some useful tips on Top Performance Health:

  • Become your own doctor, do your own research, assume responsibility
  • Talk to doctors from the angle of super health and top performance
  • Check your spine for any problems and see a chiropractor to fix them if any
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water and 1-3 cups of green tea throughout the day
  • Have a shot of Wheatgrass juice and Acai berries smoothie few times a week
  • Consume uncooked/raw vegetables and eat healthy as much as possible
  • Replace white rice/bread/sugar with brown and whole wheat equivalents
  • Significantly limit dairy, meat, salt, simple sugars, coffee, alcohol and bad fats
  • Exercise 3 to 5 times per week, walk and take stairs as much as possible
  • Breathe through your nose and into your lower abs as often as you can
  • Find your purpose – a worthwhile reason to get up joyful every morning

You will feel good, light, sharp, clear, and full of energy within days. You will effortlessly lose excess weight in a matter of weeks without dieting (ie. eating just the right size meals regularly throughout the day). You will look and feel healthy. Your body will start to heal immediately and you will see the top health progress after a few weeks. After a couple of months you will feel exploding with energy and jumping for joy!

Get pH Balance strips (little orange paper strips available at Health Stores) and measure your body’s alkaline/acidity level (touch the orange paper to saliva on your tongue for a few seconds). With the top performance diet (lots of blueberries and green tea) you can easily achieve a healthy range (around 7.0). Acidic level (below 5.5) is a perfect environment for illness.

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