Product description of Kora

Kora is a round of ability that draws straightforwardly upon the interactivity of the celebrated Flappy Bird, however in examination Kora offers a serious dazzling story and a pleasantly evolved climate motivated by the folklore of primitive Japan. koragame

In this round of ability you help Kora, a youthful ninja, get to his sanctuary and free the world from an evil spirit attack. These devils expect to make your main goal incomprehensible, so you must dodge them utilizing Kora’s flying ninja abilities.

Ongoing interaction in Kora is clear: tap the screen to get your character to take a short jump noticeable all around, and consolidate these bounces to evade the huge number of devils that hold you up. There are three unique degrees of trouble, so it’s similarly as fit to learners as to veterans of this sort of ongoing interaction.

The smooth controls, captivating setting, and dazzling soundtrack make Kora one of the most engaging clones of Flappy Bird to be found on the current applications scene.

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