Tips for Keeping Baby Burp Cloths and Bibs Clean

A baby’s burp cloths and bibs are the pieces of her wardrobe that get the messiest. From creamed corn to applesauce to tomato soup, over the course of its life, a baby bib or burp cloth becomes a smorgasbord of pureed vegetables and drinkables, which can leave behind hard to remove stains. So, what is the best way to keep garments that end up looking like a painter’s pallet clean? From parents and suppliers of wholesale infant products, below are helpful tips for keeping baby burp cloths and bibs stain-free.

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Let the Food Dry

Unless you prefer to wash off the food with your hands, allow it to dry, and then scrape the crust from the bib or cloth with a knife. The more food you remove from the garment, the more effective presoaking it will be. Before you presoak the garment, be sure to apply stain remover to the soiled areas. Washing soiled garments without pre-treating them can result in stains, or sediments that survive the washing machine.

Presoak the Garment

After the excess food is scraped away, place the garment in a presoak solution of cool water that is lightly diluted with laundry detergent. Presoaking the garment for two hours or more is ideal, but soak it for at least thirty minutes prior to placing it in the washing machine. Because bibs tend to receive more stain inducing liquids than baby burp cloths, suppliers of wholesale infant products recommend soaking them the longest.

Wash the Garment

Whether you wash the garment by hand or in a washing machine, consider whether a standard detergent or a mild, baby friendly detergent would work best. If your child has sensitive skin, as most babies do, and you are washing the garment for the first time, try using a gentle detergent.

Keep Extra Garments on Hand

If you take your child out to eat, have a set of bibs and burp cloths for public occasions, and another set for everyday use. The garments for private occasions will receive the most use and acquire the most stains, making them undesirable for public outings, but the set for public occasions should stay looking crisp.

Use a Spill Cloth Generously

A child who has a messy mouth is soon a child who has a messy bib. By wiping your baby’s mouth with a moist spill cloth as she eats, you can spare her bib from acquiring a little bit of everything she tastes. Over time, consistent mouth wiping can prevent a host of stains.


Baby burp cloths and bibs are staples of a baby’s existence at the dinner table, and when they do their job correctly, they can get messy quickly. Even so, your child can still have bibs and burp cloths that remain remarkably stain-free, and look good enough to be seen in public.

If you need help tending to your child’s soiled garments, following the tips above can help. If you need garments for your child, visit a wholesale infant products supplier online.

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