Virtual Learning, Homeschooling, and Online Education

The same number of FS families are acclimating to having their kids gaining from home for all intents and purposes because of COVID-19, they are finding better approaches to enable their kids to be fruitful in school, while some additionally shuffling their own vocations from home. There is no “one size fits all” equation for exploring this new learning climate. Nonetheless, there are numerous assets to manage families in functional manners toward progress. FLO’s Education and Youth group has aggregated the accompanying data underneath: guamhomeschool

Endure and Thrive with Virtual Learning-Practical Strategies to Make At-Home Learning Work for You Webinar and Setting-Up for Virtual Learning at Home Padlet – (Fairfax County Public Schools Parent Resource Center)

Reinforcing Parent Resilience for the Virtual School Year Webinar – (Foreign Service Institute/Training Center)

Late articles and Resiliency building assets from FSI’s Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience (CEFAR)

At–Home Educational Resources

Information in the Classroom Ocean Activities (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Advanced Library (Epic)

Studies of the planet Resources (United States Geological Survey)

Instructive Videos (The Crash Course)

Lock in! Projects and Activities (Library of Congress)

Investigate and Learn (Smithsonian)

Games, Quizzes, and Videos about the Environment (Environmental Protection Agency)

Children’s Zone Resources (National Center for Education Statistics)

Learning Activities (Wide Open School)

Learning Differences (Understood)

Learning Resource (Khan Academy)

Math Games (Prodigy)

Emotional well-being/Well-Being (Child Mind Institute)

NASA Space Place Activities and Resources (NASA)

NASA STEM Engagement Activities (NASA)

Online Math Program (Dreambox Learning)

Internet Writing Tool (Night Zoo Keeper)

Parent Community on Facebook (Learning to Flourish)

Introductions and Activities to Explore U.S. History (Library of Congress)

Science and Technology Educational Content and Resources (Energy Department)

Showing Resources (Izzit)


Unfamiliar Service families may choose to self-teach when a post offers restricted instructive offices or due to individual or strict inclinations. With an abundance of internet learning alternatives accessible, self-teach stays a famous decision for Foreign Service families. On the off chance that they pick the home investigation alternative, families ought to know that they should submit to nearby instruction laws and will have restricted external help while organizing their training plans. Investigate FLO’s Homeschooling FAQs as a beginning stage for families considering self-teaching.

Before picking the self-teach alternative, families living abroad should check the legitimateness of self-teaching in their host nation. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) tracks the status on self-teaching around the world. Visit HSLDA International for more data.

Self-teaching Allowances

The Department of State offers workers with kids a Home Study/Private Instruction Allowance on the off chance that they choose to teach them at home while posted abroad. This is a reimbursable stipend. (Representatives from different organizations should check with their affirming official on whether a comparable stipend is accessible.) Families are urged to work with their Financial Management Officer at post or their office’s guaranteeing official to guarantee their arranged buys and instruction programs meet the particular prerequisites before buying.

Stipend Resources

Division of State Standardize Regulations – 277.3 Home Study/Private Instruction Allowance

Habitually Asked Questions and Answers for Home Study/Private Instruction Allowance

Self-teach Resources and Curricula

Self-teach alternatives will in general fall into two classes. A family can either purchase a full educational program for the school year or can make customized educational plan from various assets. A few families have additionally utilized instruction experts to develop customized programs. FLO gathers data on the projects and assets Foreign Service families are utilizing around the world. The following is a rundown of educational programs.

Postings of private substances on this page are given as an accommodation and ought not be interpreted as an underwriting by the U.S. Office State or the U.S. legislature of the substance, its perspectives or the items or administrations it gives. The request in which names show up has no essentialness, and the connections might be eliminated whenever at the watchfulness of the Department.

Separation Learning Resources


PBS Parents Homeschooling Overview


Virginia Department of Education Approved Multidivision Online

Autonomous Educational Consultants Association – The Department of State and the Family Liaison Office don’t ensure the repayment of any of these projects or administrations. Work with your Financial Management Officer at post or your organization’s ensuring official to learn whether you fit the bill for the Home Study/Private Instruction Allowance and what will be reimbursable.

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST) is devoted to catching, saving, and sharing the encounters of America’s negotiators through their oral accounts to reinforce public valuation for discretion’s commitment to America’s public advantages. Investigate ADST’s instructive materials and its rich assortment of more than 2,000 essential source oral narratives by American negotiators that will move understudies and backing an assortment of world history, worldwide examinations, and civics ventures. The historical backdrop of their work can profoundly draw in understudies by encouraging verifiable compassion and by rejuvenating worldwide capability in a special manner.


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